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Ardent, experienced and committed to living a great life, Spain is both a cliché come to life and a destination more varied than you ever assumed. The life that runs constantly down the roads here continually yields a sense that this is a country where anything could take place. Here, the vigor of Spain's inhabitants is the structure of daily life; this is a place with music in its life force, an adoration of excellent food and wild countryside’s, and an exceptional flair for observing all the great things in life.  Touchingly disheveled Roman remains, large churches of unusual authority and unparalleled gems of Islamic structures tell of a country where the great societies of history have ascended, plunged and left behind their permanent mark. More currently, what other nation could provide such unruly and constantly creative people like Pablo Picasso, Antoni Gaudí and Salvador Dalí and put them in the forefront of public life? Here, magnificent memorials to history coincide beside structural designs of such nerve that it becomes understandable that Spain's future would be every bit as genuine as its history. Spain’s varied terrain arouses the soul. The Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa are as stunning as any mountain scale on the mainland, while the snow-clad Sierra Nevada ascends up unlikely from the sun parched pastures of Andalucía; these are trekking destinations of the tallest order. The ferociously stunning mountains of Spain’s Atlantic northwest are counterbalanced by the delightful bays of the Mediterranean. And everywhere you travel, villages of ageless charm sit on mountains, gather in valleys and grip to seaside offshoots as small but flexible frontiers of Old Spain.
Useful facts about Spain
Time difference
GMT +1 hrs
Approx. flight time
2 hours
VISA required
Capital city
47 million
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