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This destination is a remarkable banquet of heart-throbbing, soul-thrilling art, food and sceneries matched by a couple and desired by many. Italy's strength expands past its museums, wardrobes and plates. The country is one of nature’s triumphs, its earth features providing exceptional pure variety. From the north's frozen Alps and freezing lakes to the south's volcanic basins and aquamarine caverns, this is a site for doing and also viewing. One day you can rush down Courmayeur's chalky hills, the next you can be travelling cowboy-style over the swamps of the Maremma, or swimming in coral-spotted Campanian waters. Not bad for a destination not much larger than Arizona.  In just a few destinations do art and life mix so easily. This might be the country of Dante, Verdi and Titian, but it's also the place of Gualtiero Marchesi, Renzo Piano, and Prada. Charm, fashion and elegance equip every side of daily life, from those impeccably tied ropes and ideal caffeine’s, to the playful smiles of stunning foreigners. Italy's 20 districts seem more like 20 individual nations, all with its personal languages, customs, structures and wonderful cuisine. From picking on knödel in an Alto Adige cottage to touring bazaar-like market roads in Sicily, the options are as varied as they are alluring. Then there's the country's unparalleled artistic riches, which represent more than the rest of the world assembled. It's difficult not to feel a little jealous sometimes, but it's even difficult not to fall crazy in love.    
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