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Luxury Saudi Arabia Holidays 2024/2025

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Explore the opulence and splendor of luxury Saudi Arabia holidays, where landscapes and horizons meet. The country is officially known as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and played a significant role as an ancient trader in the Arab world. It is the maiden home of Mecca and Medina. This country is widely spread across the Arabian Peninsula and is the only country that is spread across the coastlines of the beautiful Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, making it the ideal destination for an exotic and sunny holiday. For the first time ever, the country has welcomed tourists from all across the globe. Holidays to Saudi Arabia can be the most memorable and enchanting ones on your bucket list! For travellers with varied travel preferences, this country offers many enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, desert adventures, landscaping views of the mountains and the depths of the oceans, and the experience of staying at various all-inclusive luxury hotels. Our travel experts at Affordable Luxury Travel specialise in places to see, the finest places to eat, the best shopping spots, and much more, mostly with first-hand experience. We offer a range of Saudi Arabia Holidays! Shopping enthusiasts will fall in love with the country’s exhaustive collection of glocal brands, glocal cuisine apart from authentic Arabian cuisine, mind-melting scents, and many things to do! Travellers may choose to explore The Edge of The World which is only about 90 minutes away from Riyadh, this location at 300 metres above sea level provides a mesmerising view of the horizon, Hima Cultural Area is made up of 34 archaeological sites that feature inscriptions in various languages, all carved on the face of the rock, Hegra Al-Ula is located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, these amazing tombs of the lost civilization of Nabatean tribes from the 1st century AD showcase rock-cut tombs and facades, the Red Sea is home to thriving flora and fauna, just 30 minutes away from Jeddah this awe-inspiring sea offers various activities, from leisurely boat rides, scuba diving, snorkel, deep dive into the sea and explore Coral Reef and the undiscovered beauty of under waters or enjoy the best of the best Formula 1 racing events at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. A holiday in Saudi Arabia is all about exploring the depths of one’s capacity to go beyond and experience the various activities that this country offers. Choose your favourite holiday package for a fun-filled and adventurous stay.
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