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One of the most famous destinations in the Caribbean tourism industry, Jamaica is far more than just beaches and resorts. Any Jamaican who lives away from the island will tell you that what they miss most about their home is the landscape. It gets the title of most beautiful island in the Caribbean because of its lush greenery, gardens of coral, lush banana groves and sheer mountains. It is truly a captivating sight both for the eyes and the soul. The food here is amazing, with influences mainly from Africa some delicious dishes include jerk, yam, rice and plantain which are mainly used in stews and of course how can we not mention the fish along with the tropical fruits. Also known as a musical powerhouse, it is a well known fact that Jamaica is the birthplace of global superstar Bob Marley. Its music has roots that can be traced all the way to West Africa. It’s nearly impossible to avoid swaying along to the beat here. Many who have not been to Jamaica have misconceptions about the island, but when you visit here you will see how alive the country really is. Be it the dancehall street parties in Kingston or the rainforests hiding its many waterfalls. You cannot avoid having your heart stolen. There is much to explore in this adventurous playground whether underwater, on a hike, on a raft, in a car or on a bicycle. Many tourists tend to miss out on this part of the island because they stick to the beaches and a plus is you don’t have to be super fit to indulge in outdoor activities in Jamaica. 
Useful facts about Jamaica
Time difference
GMT - 6 hrs
VISA required
Capital city
29.5 lakhs
Jamaican dollar
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