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Australia is a country of magnificent terrains, a wealthy historic lifestyle and one of the world's most powerful economies. It is the sixth-biggest country in land region and is the only country to rule a whole mainland. Australia is a secure, democratic and ethnically varied state with an extremely experienced workforce. With spectacular landscapes and a rich ancient culture, Australia is a land unlike any other. Many Australians stay down the shore, and many of these people stay in cities – 89% of Australians, in fact. It says that cities here are a lot of fun. Sydney is a beautiful collaboration of beaches, boutiques and bars. Melbourne is all arts, lanes and Aussie Rules football. Brisbane is a subtropical borough on the way up; Adelaide has a jolly charm and pubby elegance to it. Boomtown Perth puffs West Coast cheer; Canberra excels political programs. While the tropical northern border town of Darwin, and the cool southern sandstone town of Hobart, couldn't be more distinct. From tropical jungles in the north to the red deserts of the middle, from the snowfields of the south-east to the Australian Antarctic Territory, it is a huge and diverse terrain.  Australia has numerous World Heritage sites as well, such as the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef that are must-visits.   
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