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Gothic palaces, paved suburbs, charming towns and brilliant beaches: The Portugal encounter could be numerous things. The past, excellent cuisine and perfect landscape are just the start… Christians, Moors, Celts, Romans, and Visigoths all kept their trace on the Iberian state. Here, you could look on 20,000-year-old rock sculptures in the Vila Nova de Foz Côa, see the sunset above strange stone monuments in the exterior of Évora or get lost in the complicated passageways of Unesco World Heritage Sites in Batalha, Tomar, Alcobaça or Belém. You could take a planned route touring castles positioned over mist-engulfed forests, rocky mountain top fortresses and remarkably conserved ancient town hubs.  Fairs fill Portugal’s timetable. Feast, drink and dance your way across around the clock celebrations such as; Porto’s Festa de São João, or Lisbon’s Festa de Santo António. There are enjoyable country festivals in the backcountry, and rock- and world-music fairs all down the coastline. Any period of year is suitable to catch the sad songs of fado in the Alfama, get into the dance party in Bairro Alto or visit the bars in Lagos, Porto and Coimbra. You would be captivated by the surroundings, the tempo of village life and Portugal’s excellent (and undervalued) food and wine. Also tour the concealed beaches down the Costa Vicentina, and go on beautiful stroll in the Serra da Estrela, and wander in less-toured parts of the Alentejo – such a mystical destination for locating the customary spirit of Portugal.     
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