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The city of Seville is located on the plains of the River Guadalquivir. The inhabitants of this city are known as Sevillanos or Sevillanas. It is the 4th largest city in Spain and is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sights namely, the Alcazar Palace Complex, the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies. It is a city that has both looks and personality which it gets from the civilizations that have had a hand in shaping it into the city it is today, be it the Roman ruins, memories of the Moorish era or the colonial period. The city of Seville is said to be about 2,200 years old and is a well preserved historical center. The climate in Seville is very much like the usual Mediterranean climates with dry summers and wet winters.

Seville is home to many fine museums and some of them are the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville, the Museum of Arts and Traditions, the Archeological Museum, The Flamenco Art Museum and The Bullfighting Museum. There are many festivals that take place in Seville including the Semana Santa or Holy Week that takes place in April where families, businesses and organizations spend an entire week dancing, drinking and socializing.

Getting around in Seville is very easy because of its well organized transportation system with buses that run frequently and cover much of the city on their routes. The city also offers other alternate modes of transportation which can be a bit more fun than a regular bus ride, these include hour long cruises, horse drawn carriages, bike rentals, scooter rentals or car rentals. Seville also has some great nightlife that any party lover would enjoy, it has multiple bars and even open air discotheques. A trip to Seville will always be worth it with so much to do and see.


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