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Singapore is a relatively small island nation that is unique in that it is governed as a single city. The country is known for its economic prosperity and cleanliness, and is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Singapore provides a gamut of attractions that will keep you enthralled and not wanting to leave.

Singapore is famous for packing several hundred tourist attractions into one small city state. It has more than 100 different museums – large and small – and a whole host of other attractions, including amusement parks such as Universal Studios Singapore, wildlife parks such as Jurong Bird Park, and zoos such as the 64-acre Singapore Zoo, which is set amid a rainforest setting. Just taking a city tour is also highly recommended, as the ultra-modern architecture juxtaposed with remnants of the past will leave you mesmerised.

Singapore’s multiculturalism is one of the traits that the country takes great pride in, and this is no more observed than in the country’s wide-ranging cuisines. Chinese, Indian, or any other type of food is easily found at all price ranges from street food vendors to fine dining restaurants. Cultural events and festivals are also aplenty in this tiny nation, so make your bookings according to these to experience the best of what Singapore has to offer.

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