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One hundred and fifteen coral and granite islands rising from the Indian Ocean makeup Seychelles, a pristine hideaway of exquisite ribbons of pearlescent sandy beaches lapped by azure blue waters, imposing granite cliffs, palm-fringed jungles, lush, undulating hills and a sublime laid-back ambiance. Seychelles is a picture-perfect beach destination that has long had its name as one of the top destinations among those seeking a glamorous tropical gateway.

Known as the Galápagos of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles claim some of the world's best-preserved tropical habitats.  Most of the islands were never settled by people and they still remain a haven for important populations of rare plants, birds, and animals, all of which are mesmerizingly beautiful, making Seychelles a slice of Eden itself and giving the opportunity for visitors to get a glimpse of what the first explorers might have seen. 

Boasting of a dreamlike setting, Seychelles is generously dotted with star-spangled, luxury hot spots but the islands have plenty of self-catering facilities and quaint family-run guesthouses that are easier on the wallet and offer local color too. Seychelles also flaunts a wealth of exciting activities like diving and snorkeling in a variety of marine environments such as canyon-like terrain, shallow shelves, mysterious shipwrecks, and breathtaking coral gardens.

Seychelles is a land of fiery sunsets, secluded coves fringed by sea-sculpted granite boulders, immaculate beaches, and verdant wildlife as well as high-end hotels, serene spas, and exciting restaurants. The beauty of this bijou archipelago will leave you speechless- Seychelles is a tropical dream come true.

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