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Located to the south of Corsica in the Western Mediterranean, Sardinia is an island that is an autonomous region of Italy. Its capital and largest city is Cagliari. Sardinia has four provinces and a metropolitan city. The wild interior, dazzling beaches and all the eccentricities of this island will never fail to captivate you. It is a place where a simple coastal drive will thrill you and much of the roads are filled with sheep. Even if it’s not your first time visiting here, you can be sure that you will always find new trails, mountains and bays to explore. It may look deceptively small on a map but once you start exploring you will realize just how large it really is.

Sardinia has some of the best beaches in the world with the whitest of white sands and bluest of Blue Ocean. It is a popular destination with famous personalities such as celebrities and supermodels. The island is full of adventures and there is very little chance that you will ever be bored here. From hiking through the lush interior, walking the coastal path to the crescent shaped bay Cala Luna or rambling through holm oak forests to the canyon of Gola Su Gorropu. The north coast of the island is a windsurfer’s paradise and it’s also a great place for diving too with underwater caves like Nereo and Nora’s submerged Roman ruins to explore.

 The local wildlife includes blue-eyed albino donkeys and wild horses while its cuisine has its very own takes on pasta, bread, wines such as Vermentino whites and Cannonau reds and a variety of cheeses. The best time to visit the island of Sardinia is during the months of April to October. 


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