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Italy Lakes & Mountains


The geographically boot shaped peninsula that is Italy extends all the way into the Centre of the Mediterranean sea and is about 1,130 kilometers long with an area of about 301,238 square kilometers. This land area has some of the most varied and beautiful landscapes in the world. This includes multiple lakes and gorgeous mountains.

Most of the country is mountainous with over 700 meters of ranges running along a third of the country. Italy’s most well-known and famous mountain ranges include the Alps, the Dolomites and the Appenines. There are three main groups to the Italian Alps, the Western Alps run from north to south beginning at Aosta and ending at the Cadibona Pass. This section of the Alps has a mountain that is considered to be the highest completely within Italy which is Gran Paradiso and stands at 4,061 meters along with Mount Viso standing at 3,841 meters. The second set is the Central Alps which run from west to east upto the Brenner Pass. The high peaks here include Monte Bianco at 4,807 meters and Monte Cervino standing at 4,478 meters. The final set is the Eastern Alps which run from west to east starting from Brenner Pass upto Trieste. This part of the Alps also includes the Dolomite Mountains and Mount Marmolada which stands at 3,343 meters. The foothills of the Alps lie between these ranges and are no higher than 2,500 meters. Forming the backbone of the country are the Apennine Mountains. They run all along the Italian peninsula from Cdibona Pass up to Calabria. The entire mountain range is about 2,000 kilometers long. Here in the Central Apennines is where you will find the highest peak that stands at 2,912 meters the Gran Sasso d’Italia or the ‘Great Rock of Italy’.

Italy has close to about 1,500 lakes. Many of them are Alpine lakes which are small and used for hydroelectric schemes. Lakes that occupy the craters of extinct volcanos include Lake Bolsena and Lake Albano which are both located in Lazio but the most important of all the Italian lakes are Garda,Maggiore, Como, Iseo and Lugano all of which are located around Milan. 


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