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A country known for its amazing cultural heritage, Italy is rich and varied and has a landscape full of natural beauty. The cities are filled with spectacular churches and large central squares and one characteristic that is very apparent with everyone who lives here is to embrace life to the fullest. Be it the capital Rome with thousands of years of history and ruins, Florence which lives both in the past and present or Venice where the only mode of transportation is by boat, Italy offers multiple tours and excursions to suit any mood and preference.

An 8 day tour of Italy including the Amalfi Coast will take you through charming hilltop towns, lemon groves and vineyards not forgetting the stunning cliffs next to blue waters. It truly is heaven. The experience will give you the opportunity to live like a local and discover and explore the small towns, mountain trails and local customs. You can spend the morning exploring the ruins of Pompeii, hiking the coastline in the afternoon and settle down for the night at a 17th century monastery home.

If you are looking for a longer trip then a 14 day tour of Italy that includes Rome and Venice is just for you. The tour will take you to villages of the Cinque Terre and be able to witness the medieval history of Tuscany. Take a stroll or a boat ride through the grand piazzas, winding lanes and canals of Venice, go back in time to what it was like in ancient Rome and Florence during the Renaissance. It’s a great tour to experience the best of Italy.

To truly experience the local way of life a 7 day tour of Southern Tuscany includes many parts that tourists tend to miss out on. Enjoy a cooking class where you will learn to prepare the areas culinary delights, shop at the local markets, sample wine in the same vineyards that produced them and lots of walks through beautiful scenery. Enjoy the best of Italy and beyond with these fun, educational and enjoyable tours. 


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