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Amalfi Coast


A stretch of coastline located on the southern coast of the Salerno Gulf in Southern Italy, the Amalfi Coast is an extremely popular tourist destination in Italy that annually attracts thousands of visitors. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 because of its cultural landscape that includes history, monuments and natural settings. It is located in a Mediterranean climate that has warm summers and mild winters. Due to its location on the steep southern shore of the Sorrentine Peninsula there is very little room for agricultural and rural territories.

There is only one land route to get to the Amalfi Coast, this is the Strada Statale 163 which is 40 kilometers long and runs along the coastline from the town of Vietri Sul Mare in the east and Positano in the west and only came into existence in 1852 before which there was no road linking the coastal communities. The route is also known as “the road of 1000 bends” and has soaring cliffs that go in and out of deep gorges, pass by lemon terraces and whitewashed villages.

A fantastic combination of beauty and drama, with the most famous towns here being Positano and Amalfi. It is also home to some great restaurants like Da Emilia, La Torre and Donna Rosa and hotels and is one of the best spots for hiking in Italy. The Amalfi Coast is also envied for its culinary landscape and some of its famous dishes include the cornetto which is an Italian croissant, sfogliattela a sweet ricotta filled pastry and of course the local cheese. The best time to travel here is during late September or early October.  The Amalfi Coast is most definitely one of Europe’s most desirable and romantic destinations. 


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