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Java is Indonesia’s most complex and culturally compelling island that has a population of 140 million people and is known as the most populated island in the world. Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta is located on Western Java. A majority of the history of Indonesia took place on the island of Java. The island had powerful Hindu-Buddhist empires, Islamic sultanates and was the core of Dutch West Indies. During the 30’s and 40’s it was also the Centre of the struggle for independence in Indonesia. As the heart of the nation, Java has a mixture of megacities, natural beauty, archeological sites and traditions in art, music and dance.

The landscapes in Java are an absolute treat for the eyes and senses with rice paddies, volcanoes, rainforest, savannah and of course the beaches. The cities are always the most crowded and always abuzz. Java’s natural environment consists of tropical rainforests that have ecosystems ranging from coastal mangroves to high altitude rainforests. The climate tends to alter from west to east with some parts being wet and some parts dry. The island also has rich wildlife including the Javan Rhino, Javan banteng, the Warty Pig, Hawk-Eagle, peafowl, silvery gibbon, lutung, mouse-deer, Javan rusa and Javan leopard along with 450 species of birds and 130 species of freshwater fish.

Getting from one place to another in Java can be a little slow but the rail network here is quite reliable and flights are not that expensive either. Having some patience and endurance when visiting Java is rewarding because of all the fascinating insights one gets to experience. 


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