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Grenada truly lives up to its name as the Spice Island, the moment you set foot on this beautiful island you can smell the Nutmeg in the air. Another name that would suit it well is the Fruit Island due to the bountiful amounts of fruit that grow in the hills. Grenada has been underrated and underestimated because of its location in an ocean with multiple other beautiful islands. The white sands here are so pure that it glows with an inner radiance. The deep blue waters are sublime and it is so secluded here that all you will have for company is the person you are travelling with and a few sea turtles. The towns are extremely colorful and bright and give off a very tropical feel.

Apart from the main island, Grenada has two other smaller islands, namely Carriacou and Petit Martinique. They are idyllic and very very intoxicating, once you come here you sure will be hooked. The island has multiple sights to see including St George’s which is a colorful Caribbean rainbow of colonial heritage, the La Sagesse Nature Center situated on the estate of a relative of British Royalty, it showcases local fauna and if you want to get away from the other tourists, Grenville, which is where you will find the islands community of nutmeg growers along with a rum distillery. Activities that can be experienced on the island include of course the beaches, diving, enjoying the sea turtles and hiking. The warm climate on the island prevails all through the year, with the hottest and driest months being between January to April.

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