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The business and commercial hub of the emirates, Fujairah is lined with office buildings on its main strip and vast fields of oil storage containers on its northern waterfront. What makes it worthy of a visit is the restored fort, built in the 16th century using mud, gravel, wood and gypsum, it has both circular and square towers that helped a lot in it being a defensive fort, it also has an accompanying museum. Other attractions include the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the emirates first big mall Fujairah City Centre Mall both of which are sources of pride for the locals here. If you visit Fujairah on a Friday you will be able to witness the spectator sport that was introduced centuries ago by the Portughese, Bull-Butting. The event takes place in the south of the town centre and sees bulls from all over the Emirates lock horns with each other. Fujairah also has a little bit of night life, mainly the Fez night club and the Hilton if you want to play a round of pool or darts.

Watersports in Fujairah are also gaining popularity such as jet skiing, windsurfing, waterskiing and diving. Modern highways have been developed making travel in Fujairah quite easy, while public transport is limited with only a single bus service running, there are  many taxis that run which are operated by the Fujairah Transport Corporation. 


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