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A Unesco environmental reserve, Lanzarote is a fascinating island with an amazing geography of 300 volcanic cones, at the same time marking all the correct good-time boxes. There are exceptional beaches, spellbinding sights and lots of restaurants and hotels. The scenery has a sharp and dreamy aspect, with the random bucolic, palm-packed valley overflowing with dreamlike, wavy black lava pastures.

Long related with package travellers and pie-and-chips retreats, times are at last changing and there has been a clear growth in the amount of independent tourists to the island. In reply, the government has taken up an island-wide plan to signpost walking paths, and countryside lodging choices have expanded.

The island’s leading sights have been tastefully grown by the late César Manrique, a Lanzarote inhabitant and artist. He still has a significant effect on the island through an ethnic base that encourages Lanzarote’s preservation, lifestyle and structural virtue.

The tallest summit is Peñas del Chache ascending to about 670 meters (2,198 ft.) over ocean level. The "Tunnel of Atlantis," the biggest sunken volcanic tunnel in the world, is a portion of the Cueva de los Verdes lava tube. There are five hundred various types of plants on the island of which 17 kinds are native.   


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