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Illustrious as the highest destination on the globe, lofty Nepal is known as the Roof of the World where snow-laden peaks hide behind the clouds like hazy steps to heaven. Unquestionably, Mount Everest is the treasured attraction that draws endless adventurers to scale, ascend, conqueror and marvel at the world's highest mountain that seem like flirting in the stratosphere. Nepal is also popular as a vital pilgrimage site for countless Buddhists who travel from the corners of the world to pay their respects to the revered UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lumbini, the sanctuary courtyard where Buddha once lived.

If you are unsure about where to start, the capital city of Kathmandu is the perfect point to begin your exploration. Located between the traditional crossroads of India and China, Kathmandu is encircled by lofty mountain ranges and the forests of Chitwan National Park. The capital also offers impressive architecture, sacred sites, finest cross-cultural cuisine, shopping opportunities and undying natural beauty. Adding to the mountainous fun and thrill, Nepal is home to some rare species of wildlife including Royal Bengal tigers, crocodiles, one-horned Rhino and several birds as well.

Whichever city or village you visit, warm smiles and welcoming homes will give you an insight into the lifestyle and customs of the locals. Regarded for their amiable nature and humble spirit, the Nepalese community is amongst the friendliest on the planet. One shake hand or a hug will give you the opportunity to taste their authentic tea. With natural lakes, hiking trails and unexplored wonders, Nepal is a few steps away from paradise. Do not miss a destination atop the world.


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