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This is the third biggest and third most crowded island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is far more than an idle beach-time retreat; the island comprises of many layers, like its past, with a captivating society, way of life and scenery, supervised by friendly, welcoming locals.

Encountering Cyprus’ basically varied Greek and Turkish communities is more and more simple, with seven entry sites connecting the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot parts, plus two pedestrian intersections in Nicosia (Lefkosia). There is something expressively alluring about immersing yourself into two very separate lifestyles so easily. Even if you only have time to tour the separate metropolises, Nicosia or North Nicosia (Lefkoşa), make sure to cross the line, then finish your encounter by tasting the native food, touring the museums and shopping for that special memento to amaze your family back home. 

The tale of Cyprus’ turbulent history is told by its ancient sites, Roman remains, varied museums and dirty suburban roads. This feeling of living bygone days is featured most clearly in Pafos, with remarkable archaeological locations such as; the Tombs of the Kings, which spreads like an historic theme park near a tourist retreat. By delving into the island’s history you can discover captivating artefacts, plus medieval residences, Bronze Age and Phoenician crypts, and beautiful Roman collages, while, on the roads, keep a look out for Venetian walls, Byzantine palaces and chapels, Roman abbeys and Islamic temples.

The scenery and general light weather means that outside is where it’s most stunning – and where you need to be. There are also beaches that you could visit here, from the untamed and disheveled to the family-friendly and crowded.


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