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The island of Borneo is the largest island in Asia and is located at the Centre of Maritime Southeast Asia. The island covers an area of about 287,000 square miles and is home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Primarily a mountainous island, standing at 13,455 feet Mount Kinabalu is the highest peak in Borneo. It has a hot, wet climate with rain being a common occurrence. The monsoon season on the island is between October and March. Borneo has a variety of flora which are among the most diverse in the world with 11,000 species of flowering plants most of which are indigenous.

There are a variety of different tribes that live on Borneo, each of them have their own distinct language and culture. The largest of these tribes are the Ibans. These very different ethnic and cultural backgrounds is what gives Borneo its delicious and wide ranging cuisine. Whether it’s the cooking of the Kelabit people that includes dishes like Bario rice and pineapple curry and other dishes like bamboo chicken. Chinese restaurants serve seafood from the South China Sea, Malay night markets sell smoky chicken satay and Indonesian shops offer spicy sambal.

A myriad of cultures, religions and languages are brought together in Borneo and it is a very welcoming place due to old traditions of hospitality. There are Chinese communities and Malay communities can be found in villages like Sabah and Sarawak. The best way to experience the indigenous life of some of the tribes is to pay them a visit.

The part that many travellers visit Borneo for is its wildlife. It could be an Orangutan swinging through the jungle, a dolphin or a saltwater crocodile, Borneo has some amazing animals. The island of Borneo is a place of true wildness and magic. 



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